Punta Larga


Fuencaliente, SC
United States
28° 27' 58.9716" N, 17° 52' 34.8384" W

This diving zone is situated within the marine reserve and thus a diving permit is mandatory.
The underwater fauna is absolutely amazing: flocks of french grunts or stripped surinam grunts, to red mullets, breams, sawperch, parrotfish and many more. Also some rarer species can be found, such as blackbelly rosefish or the canary crayfish.
Depth: Average 15 meters, maximum 25 meters
Your Review: Protected from currents
Diving permit applications may be submitted to
20, La Marina, 4th fl. - 38701 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Telephone: 922 999 321 - Fax: 922 282 168
E-mail: daptenerife@oue.sctenerife.map.es

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