Fuencaliente - Playa del Faro

Single Trail Lavafield - Southside

Volcano San Antonio
Fuencaliente (Los Canarios), SC
United States
28° 29' 14.0352" N, 17° 50' 51.576" W

Riding towards volcano San Antonio on "Calle de los Volcanos", we pass the restaurant "La Casa del Volcan". The next left and immediate right take us directly onto a trail, on which we again stay to the right. After a wide S-curve we leave the trail and orient ourselves on a small foottrail towards the right. Immediately the ground gets more sandy and it is thus advised to ease up on the front weight of the bike. We continue straight on this path until a waterpipe crosses the road. From here we are already able to see a intersection further down the trail, which we are heading to next. Over the next 500 meters we will drop approximately 150 meters. Focused attention is called for, as a few unexpected potholes do exist, especially towards the lower end.
We now cross the intersection, continuing past volcano Teneguia on our right. It is necessary to merge with the asphalt street every now and then, which at times may be rough. However, all in all it is a fairly smooth ride, all the way down to Playa del Faro - where our trail ends.
It is possible to ride the "Carretera de la Costa Malpais" (LP130/LP207) north, to the Princess Hotel. From here it is possible to catch a hotel bus back up to Fuencaliente.
Difficulty level: Medium
Ground: Volcanic ashes and loose gravel
Length: 4.5 KM


Volcano San Antonio
Fuencaliente (Los Canarios),

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