Refugio El Pilar - El Paso

Single Trail Lavafield - Westside

Moñtana Quemeda
Refugio El Pilar, SC
United States
28° 37' 19.7724" N, 17° 50' 36.7152" W

We start our ride at the foot of Moñtana Quemeda, off the old ridge road, and initially take the trail towards west, from where we have a 180 view of the ocean as we glide through the lava field. We stay on the main trail, which leads us into a wide left curve - past two turn offs, on the right and half-right. We decend into a slight dip and take a sharp right at its bottom, followed by the next left, straight thereafter.
As the trail slowly gets more narrow, we again take a left and follow the EP101 through the stones. It is advisable to ride this area with a considerable amount of push. However, there may still be an occasional impasse - that´s the nature of the single trail.
Further down the gravel trail, only about 250 meters before the street starts again, we encounter one last sharp right turn. Once on the street, we continue on the asphalt and ride into El Paso. At the end of this street we take a left and our first right, which will take us directly to the Plaza.
Difficulty Level: Medium
Terrain: Loose gravel and pine needles
Length: 3.75 KM


Moñtana Quemeda
Refugio El Pilar,

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