Playa de la Veta


Tijarafe, SC
United States
28° 43' 18.984" N, 17° 58' 46.4376" W

Heading North on LP-1, we leave Tijarafe behind us and shortly after pass the KM 85 mark. A few hundred meters further down to our left, we now turn on "Camino de Castellano", which immediately leads us into a steep decline.
We keep on going straight, following the natural flow of this road for a few short kilometers, which will turn into "Camino de Gallo". Only a few meters further, we now turn left onto "Camino de la Veta". This very narrow but well maintained road continues for a few kilometers, and we hope for no oncoming traffic, as the street is barely wide enough for a single compact car. The guardrail is rather reassuring, as it would otherwise often feel like we might fall down into the Atlantic in the next turn. Finally, we reach a parking lot.
As we continue our journey on foot, we quickly reach a mountain tunnel. On the other side, we can now get the first glimpses of Playa de la Veta. The downhill hike, which becomes quite steep at times, continues for about 20 minutes - we recommend hiking boots.
Playa de la Veta is a very picturesque black sand beach. It is the best and most visited beach in this part of the island, where the coast is mostly steep and rocky. Due to certain water currents, the beach is mostly rocky during winter, until the black sand returns again during summer.
Historically this used to be one of the very few spots in this part of the island where ships were able to dock and unload their goods. Fish was often exchanged for other basic foods.

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Eine kleine abgelegene Perle. Der kleine Pfad in die zweite, hintere Bucht ist sehr empfehlenswert - wir waren dort ganz alleine. =) Wanderschuhe sind in der Tat empfehlenswert.

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