La Palma Puros Reviews and Ratings Guide

There has been a relationship between the Canary Islands and Cuba, as well as other Latin & South American countries dating back centuries; to the discovery of the New World in fact. The establishment of La Palma’s cigar industry came about as a result of emigrants returning to La Palma from Cuba with riches and new found knowledge. La Palma’s sub-tropical climate and lush gentle slopes proved ideal for the cultivation of tobacco leaf.

FORMAT Length 143 mm. Diameter 18 mm. Cepo 46 Weight 11 gr.
FORMAT Length 163 mm. Diameter 17 mm. Cepo 42 Weight 10 gr.
FORMAT Length 150 mm. Diameter 15 mm. Cepo 38 Weight 9 gr.
FORMAT Length 130 mm. Diameter 17 mm. Cepa 42 Weight 9 gr.
FORMAT Länge 120 mm. Durchmesser 16,5 mm. Cepo 42 Gewicht 9 gr.
FORMAT Length 122 mm. Diameter 20 mm. Cepo 50 Weight 12 gr.
Length: 159,00 mm Diameter: 20,60 mm (51 RM) Format: Piramide
Length: 157,00 mm Diameter: 18,50 mm (46 RM) Format: Lonsdale
FORMAT Length 153 mm. Diameter 20 mm. Cepo 50 Weight 14 gr.
FORMAT Length 172 mm. Diameter 18 mm. Cepo 46 Weight 12 gr.
Length: 138,00 mm Diameter: 17,00 mm (42 RM) Format: Corona
Length: 154,50 mm Diameter: 15,50 mm (39 RM) Format: Panatela
Length: 121 mm Diameter: 19,8 mm (49 RM) Format: Robustos
FORMAT Length 185 mm. Diameter 20 mm. Cepo 50 Weight 17 gr.

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