Torre de Malpique

Puerto Tazacorte

Fuencaliente, SC
United States
28° 27' 33.9948" N, 17° 51' 52.7004" W

The most famous coastal section of this area, due to its beautiful underwater landscape. The sea floor consists out of the typical black sand, out of which massive basalt cliffs rise. The light slope reaches to a shelf, which then drops straight down to a depth of about 25 meters. There the black sand is dominant again, though with a stronger downward slope.
20 meters away from the shelf, behind a bow, the sea floor is 40 meters deep. Here one can find the Torre de Malpique, an amazing basalt tower full of black corals. In the vicinity one can see amberjacks, barracudas or hogfish. Here, at around 17 meters depth, rest 40 crosses in honor of the so called "Martyrs of Tazacorte".
The "Martyrs of Tazacorte" were protestant Priests on a missionary trip to Brazil. They went ashore in Tazacorte to rest. When they continued their journey a few days later, they were robbed and murdered by pirates at this spot.
Depth: Average 15 meters, maximum 45 meters
Your Review: Light current
Ideal for night diving

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