Jedey - El Remo


38759 Jedey, SC
28° 35' 0.6" N, 17° 52' 49.5192" W

You start this hike on the southern tip of Jedey on LP-2, only a few meters after Pizzeria Evangelina. Right by the last houses, the path starts towards south-west and initially looks like a driveway. You follow it past a few more small houses and properties while it has a slow and light descend. After a few meters you will come to a concrete driveway on your left, which you pass on the right and continue to follow the small gravel path.

After approximately 250 meters you take a left onto Barrio Costa Vieja (Old Costal Neighborhood) which you follow for a few kilometers. Lava fields and rolling hills now take turns in defining the landscape until you reach an abandoned farm. Here the Barrio Costa Vieja will turn left, but you stay straight, focused towards south. Approximately 500 meters further you will reach a step right turn down the hill towards El Remo. The path leads through a lava field, followed by large weeds over-towering the trail. After a short while you will reach a terrace with a picnic table, opening up terrific views down to El Remo and the banana plantations.

This is where the last and steepest descent starts, leading you on a serpentine right through the lava bed. The upper part of this trail is in excellent condition, the lower third however consists only out of loose gravel - heightened caution is advised. While the banana plantations are open from the back, their fronts entrances on the street side are locked by high steel gates. Thus you want to orient yourself to the left (south) along the levada (water pipe) at the bottom of the lava field, passing the plantations on their back side. Once you pass the last plantation you turn west, towards the sea and hike down to the street, which will lead you all the way down to El Remo. Here you may want to consider the beach or the kiosco 7 Islas to bring your hike to a relaxing end.


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This is a great half day tour. We started around 2 pm in Jedey and walked the well maintained path at a mellow rate, enjoying the spectacular views toward the west. The last third of the hike comes down in a steep lava field - with no clear path in the lower part. So watch out, the last steps are the most difficult. Made it to the beach in time for sunset dinner. Loved it.

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