Window to the Universe

Los Llanos del Jable
El Paso, SC
United States
28° 37' 2.5176" N, 17° 50' 54.33" W

AstroTour offers trips to the most beautiful corners of La Palma´s night sky. The show starts as soon as the daylight fades away, allowing us to enjoy the beauty of the night sky. Professional astronomers will explain various constellations planets, nebulae, star clusters and galaxies. The tour last approximately 90 minutes and is available in English and German upon request.
Furthermore, La Palma is currently developing several public astronomical viewpoints, which offer optimal viewing conditions. Two of these sites have already been established, “Los Llanos del Jable” (El Paso - see map) and “El Llano de la Venta (Breña Baja). Both locations are in close proximity to Refugio del Pilar and feature several information panels, aimed to help navigate the nightly sky.


Los Llanos del Jable
El Paso,

Phone Number:

922 430 625



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