Roque de Los Muchachos - Pico de la Nieve

GR 131 - 2

28° 45' 16.8408" N, 17° 53' 6.3528" W
You should begin this hike with the first light of the day at the Roque de Los Muchachos peak (2426 meters). It takes about 60 to 90 minutes to get there, depending on whether you come from Santa Cruz or Los Llanos. From the peak follow the sign to Pico de la Nieve (2239 meters), as the trail leads you past the Observatorio Astrophysico and south along the crater edge - with spectacular views of the caldera all the way down to Puerto Tazacorte. You will stay above 2200 meters the entire time and at a "normal" pace, you should need approximately 3 hours for the 10 kilometers, with the Pico de la Cruz peak (2351 meters) marking the midway point. Dependent on weather conditions you will be able to see the surrounding islands (Tenerife, La Gomera, El Hierro). However, please bare in mind that due to the altitude weather conditions are more extreme and it is not advisable to hike during the hottest days of the year, as the sun and wind lead to faster dehydration - thus be sure to bring adequate water supplies. Mist, or in winter snow, may make it more difficult and dangerous to navigate and find the right track. It is noteworthy that the Pico de la Nieve is relatively close to the mountain road, so drop off or pick up at the end of the hike is a viable option. [KMZ]

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