La Palma Paragliding Reviews and Ratings Guide

La Palma's climate conditions are ideal for paragliding. In addition the island´s geological setting, with its vast peaks and black sand beaches, makes it one of Spain´s best paragliding locations - even during winter.

The wind streams to Sotavento (Westside: Los Llanos de Aridane, Fuencaliente) and Barlovento (Eastside: Santa Cruz) take you over truly spectacular volcanic landscapes with breathtaking views. However, due to La Palma´s thermic radiation, unexpected air currents and changes in conditions may occur rapidly. We strongly recommend consulting the local ParaGuides prior to any flights.

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Starting Point: 247 meters Landing: Playa Puerto de Naos
Starting Point: 600 meters Landing Site: El Remo, Charco Verde, Puerto Naos
Starting Point: 1300 meters Landing: Puerto Naos
Starting point: 625 meters Landing point: Playa Grande de Tazacorte
4x4 Access Starting point: 900 meters & 940 meters Landing: Puerto Naos, Charco Verde, El Remo
Starting Point: 1129 meters Landing: Playa Grande de Tazacorte

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